Fibre Expressway Pty Ltd

Clients can own their own secure, reliable, high speed, high capacity ‘lane’. Fibre broadband connectivity is an enabler for innovation, change and productivity and is therefore, both a threat and an opportunity to global business; a threat for those who choose to ignore the impact of under supply and an opportunity for those who choose to address it.

The History

Global Itelegence Pty Ltd (GI) was incorporated in 2003 as an independent Telecommunications services company to specifically address the connectivity challenges of the global Resources (mining and oil and gas) Capital Projects based in Western Australia (WA) and the Northern Territory (NT). It is the owner of the special purpose vehicle set up for this project, Fibre Expressway Pty Ltd.

The Need

From mid 2007, GI began working with clients in Resource companies, Telecommunications companies, ICT system integrators and the Western Australian Government to develop a fibre optic basis of design to replace the limitations of bandwidth offered by satellite communications and the problematic reliability of the existing Sea-Me-We3 subsea cable.

The Solution

GI is developing the Fibre Expressway Subsea Cable Project. The distinctive Community of Interest Network ("COIN") design will accomodate the qualified demand for reliable, high-speed, high-capacity communications between Perth, its widespread and remote mining centre, the offshore oil and gas facilities of WA and NT and globally via the communication hubs of Singapore and Malaysia.